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Wocan Location accepts reservations up to 24 hours before customers arrive at the resort. For any reservation within 24 hours (Last Minute), please call us directly.

However, during busy peak seasons, we may have to stop taking reservations due to the number of pre-booked rentals already in the system. If this occurs, potential online customers will be informed of the situation via our reservations page.

Geographical area covered by Wocan-location: Les Arcs, Peisey, Montchâvin, Les Coches, La Plagne, Tignes, Val d'Isére, Please contact us directly if you are staying outside these areas and we will do our best to accommodate you. We cover all our professional partner accommodations regardless of their location.

The reservation of your equipment is confirmed once the customer receives the Wocan-location reservation email. The customer is responsible for ensuring that all information provided to Wocan-location at the time of booking is accurate. Please check that all information is correct and inform Wocan-location, before your arrival, if an error has occurred. If your travel details change, please let us know.

The information provided by the leader must be correct, as it will be this information that Wocan-location will use to prepare the material.

If customers bring their own ski boots, we ask them to give us their shoe sole size, so we can pre-fit the skis before delivery. The size of the ski boot sole is always in millimeters and is usually located on the outer heel area of the boot. For any further information regarding boot sole size, simply contact us directly and we will be happy to explain where this mysterious number is located on your boot!

We ask the lead customer to print a copy of their Reservation email, or keep a copy on their mobile phone/tablet etc., and present it to the Wocan-location technician upon delivery of the material.

Delayed arrivals:
In the event that customers are delayed in getting to their vacation destination, we ask that they please contact us to inform us of the delay so that we can rearrange the delivery of their rental equipment according to their new arrival time. arrival.

Payment :
If payment has not been made online (or by bank transfer) prior to arrival, full payment is taken upon delivery of equipment to guests at the resort. Customers can pay by cash or debit/credit card. Wocan-location only accepts VISA and MasterCard. Unfortunately we do not accept AMEX.
The price is based on your “On Snow” date and your “Pick Up” date.

The “contract”/rental period begins upon delivery by Wocan-location, and receipt by the customer, of the pre-reserved equipment. Delivery of rental equipment is organized around the arrival date and the time of arrival at the resort which is communicated to us by the customer in the Reservation. The customer will have provided this information when placing the order.

The “contract”/rental period ends when the customer collects and hands over the pre-reserved equipment to a Wocan-location technician.

The customer remains fully responsible for the rented equipment for the entire duration of the rental.

In the event that Wocan-location rental equipment is lost, damaged, misplaced, stolen, etc. The customer is responsible for the related costs up to the value of the equipment.

The rental equipment is specially prepared to adapt to a particular customer profile, according to the information entered by the leader, at the time of reservation, in the Wocan-location order form. The equipment must not be loaned or rented to another third party member. Wocan-location declines all responsibility in the event of misappropriation of rental equipment by the customer during the rental period.

Wocan-location provides its customers with fully maintained equipment, which will have been prepared by professionals. The equipment is ready for use by the customer upon delivery. Wocan-location expects to collect the equipment at the end of the rental period in a condition that reflects the proper use of the equipment. Wocan-rental allows some wear and tear based on the customer's correct and normal use of the equipment.

Equipment issues during your stay:
If you experience any issues with the equipment during your stay, simply call us, quickly, and we will return to your accommodation to resolve the issue. We will come directly to your accommodation, either in the evening after your return from your skiing days, or early the next morning before heading out to ski for the day.

If you wish to change equipment, in terms of categories, Wocan-location will have to invoice you for any excess taking into account the travel to collect the equipment and the service to be carried out on your equipment. The amount of this operation is not fixed, but depends on the number of rental days and the category of equipment changed

Customers who wish to ski one or more additional day(s) must request this during their stay, or upon delivery, so that we can check availability. During peak periods we may not be able to extend the rental period. These periods generally cover the Christmas and New Year holidays, the February holidays and the Easter holiday periods. However, we will always do our best to accommodate all requests.

All Wocan-location equipment is clearly marked with at least one high-strength Wocan-location sticker. A Wocan-location reference number also appears on the equipment. All rental equipment must be returned with these markings still on them. Wocan-location will not accept equipment with markings belonging to another rental company. In this case, the customer will be charged the cost price to replace the missing Wocan-location equipment. Equipment belonging to another individual, or another rental company cannot be exchanged for the missing Wocan-location equipment. The customer is fully responsible for any equipment “mix-ups” that may occur during the rental period.

Wocan-location offers all its customers the possibility of paying either Damage Guarantee, Theft Guarantee, or both. The guarantee costs 2€ (3€ for experts) per day (per guarantee option), per adult (over 15 years old), and 1€ per day, per child (under 15 years old), and can be selected at time of booking.

The Damage Guarantee covers any damage caused to the equipment under normal circumstances and use.

The Theft Guarantee covers theft.

Warranties do not cover lost equipment (i.e. forgotten outside a bar!!!).

Customers are personally responsible for ensuring that all equipment is returned to Wocan-rental at the end of the agreed rental period.

Wocan-location collects the equipment directly from the customer at the accommodation address indicated on the Reservation Reservation email. In general Wocan-location collects the equipment from 5:30 p.m. each evening. Wocan-location encourages its customers to contact Wocan-location by telephone to arrange pick-up if they wish to arrange a specific pick-up time.

Theft, loss and deterioration of equipment during the rental period without warranty option taken:

• Lost or stolen equipment must be replaced by the customer. Pricing is based on the cost of replacing the hardware. Customers will not be asked to pay the full public sale price, but rather the price that Wocan-location itself will have to pay to replace the equipment, or the residual price of the equipment. Residual price = if the material is more than a year old etc. the value decreases and it is this residual value that the customer will be asked to pay.
• Equipment irreparable and without warranty option taken by the customer: the equipment must be replaced by the customer. Pricing is based on the cost of replacing the hardware. Customers will not be asked to pay the full retail price, but rather the price that Wocan-location will have to pay to replace the equipment.
• Irreparable damaged equipment with the guarantee option taken by the customer: if the damage is deemed not to have been caused by any fault of the customer, and in circumstances considered to fall under “fair use”, or in slope areas clearly marked, then it is not billed to the customer. However, if Wocan-location considers that the damage was caused by improper use of the equipment by the customer (example: off-piste skiing), the customer will then be asked to pay for the replacement of the equipment. Pricing is based on the cost of replacing the hardware. Customers will not be asked to pay the full retail price, but rather the price that Wocan-location will have to pay to replace the equipment.

Corporate groups/large clients:
The name given as “Group Leader” on the reservation booking is the contact that Wocan-location will use to communicate with the group throughout the rental period. Skis are collected at 5:30 p.m., unless otherwise indicated by the group leader before the last days of skiing/snowboarding. Each member of the group remains individually responsible for their rental equipment for the entire duration of the rental.

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We wish you a good vacation in the French Alps!