What is your refund policy ?

You can cancel up to 24 hours before your reservation for a full refund. Call us to make a change on +33 6 48 37 70 80. If you can, have your confirmation number handy tomorrow.

What if I return my skis earlier?

We will reimburse you for the remaining full days that you do not use your equipment. Equipment returned after 9:00 am will be charged for that day.

If we arrive early, can we collect our skis the day before?

Yes. Pick up your gear anytime after 3:00 PM and you won't be charged for that day.

Can I bring my own ski boots?

Of course. On the product selection page, uncheck the ski boots box when choosing your package. If you forget to take your ski boots, they are available for rental without reservation.

Do you have larger size ski and snowboard boots?

Yes, up to size 48/49 for skis and 49/50 for snowboards. They are in high demand, so book your package in advance to ensure they will be available when you need them.

Can you deliver my equipment to my hotel or accommodation?

Yes. Also chalets and holiday homes. Enter your delivery location on the booking page after selecting your equipment.

Do you rent helmets?

Yes. You can add helmets to your rental package. Although helmets are not mandatory, we strongly recommend them to anyone hitting the slopes.

What is the age limit for child rentals?

Children's skis are ideal for children who are 115 cm (approximately 3 feet 9 inches) or shorter.

Which equipment rentals are eligible for the 15 % discount on Wocan Location?

All products are eligible for the 15 % discount if you book online.


Let's talk about it. Call or email us to chat with us: +33 4 28 67 71 93 / info@wocanlocation.com