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Product Description

If you are a beginner snowboarder, with approx. 0 to 2 weeks of experience and you are comfortable on easy green and blue slopes, our beginner snowboards are made for you. Designed to be easy to handle, they will help you improve your skills and enjoy your time on the slopes in complete safety.

* The equipment shown in the images is for demonstration purposes only.

Home delivery

Home delivery is FREE

The ski and snowboard rental delivery service covers the whole of Savoie. If you are unsure if we have coverage for where you are staying, contact us and we will let you know.

After you place your reservation on our online site, someone from our team will contact you to finalize your order and schedule a delivery time on the day of your arrival.

Sit back and relax. Wocan Location delivers the equipment you have reserved to your home. No need to travel, we take care of everything.

Your Equipment Warranty

Wocan Location guarantees your equipment against theft and breakage at no extra charge.

In the event of theft: provide the store with the original receipt within 24 hours. filing of a complaint for theft, issued by the gendarmerie or the police services.

In case of breakage: return the damaged material and it must be recognizable and complete.

Wearing a helmet

If you don't already have your own helmet, we strongly recommend renting a helmet.

There are a lot of head injuries on the slopes and wearing a helmet is essential to limit injuries.

In addition, almost all ski and snowboard instructors especially for children; have made it compulsory for their customers to wear helmets.